The Feasibility Study: Demystify Your Product Launch

Feasibility study: person writing a feasibility report using a laptop

So, you’ve finished your project outline, and your initial market research reveals strong demand for what you’re planning. The next step is to launch the complete product development process, right? You could also cross a busy street blindfolded, and you may make it across unharmed. But the odds aren’t good. The same is true about … Read more

Will It Sell? Product Research Can Answer All Your Questions

Product research: employees discussing a project

Ask experts in new product development what the secret is to creating bestsellers, and they’ll give you a simple answer: product research. Of course, you need great design, reliable manufacturing partners, and a sales and marketing strategy that attracts and closes buyers. But none of those steps work if you design, manufacture, and sell a … Read more

The Final Hour: The Value and Types of Product Research (with Tips)

Are you considering launching a product or already have one and want to add to your portfolio? Before you hit the floor running, you need to know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and if it makes sense to even try. In this recording of The Final Hour, we discuss high-level strategies, … Read more