Sports and Outdoors

Whether you’re looking to create the next generation of snow sports helmet or simply iterate on a trusted design from your product portfolio, we’re ready to help you assemble the team together and get it made.

The Sports And Outdoors Industry

The sporting goods, outdoor equipment, and adventure gear market is a billion dollar industry, one that only continues to grow. Given its size and popularity, penetrating this market with a successful new product can prove challenging for both new and experienced product developers.

Taking Outdoor Products To New Heights

Gembah understands the complexities of both the product development process and the unique challenges of creating products for the ever-expanding outdoor and sports market.

What sets us apart from other product development companies is that we cut through the complexity and help you get your product to market faster while addressing the unique aspects of products for the outdoor and sports industry. We’re connected to a world-class network of sports and outdoors designers and factories, and their combined experience and insight covers the entire category. We enable designers and factories to collaborate on the product creation process from ideation through to fulfillment.

Whether you’re developing a new product from scratch or looking to manufacture your product around the globe, we are your guide across the entire product development journey. From concept planning, global sourcing, supplier logistics, and sustainable supply chain strategies, we help you simplify the complexity of the entire product development process.

How We Can Help


We provide expert guidance to all newly-launched or established businesses in the sports and outdoors industry.

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We offer partnerships with design professionals and product development teams who come up with winning product creations and solutions.

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We work with logistics companies that’ll distribute your creations to provide fast and seamless shipping.

Our Services

Concept Ideation

Generate ideas through a series of sessions that may include sketching, brainstorming, and more

Research & Design

Find out if your idea has potential, what you can expect to spend, and other crucial details


Get multiple recommendations, narrow the field, and find the best sourcing for your product


Coordinate with local expert teams to plan transport, product packaging, and quality checks

Supply Chain

Break down and manage selecting the right materials, components, and manufacturers

Production Management

Ensure your production goes smoothly with on-the-ground oversight and inspections

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