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How confident are you that your current supply chain is as optimized as it can be? Are you sourcing your materials and components from the right factories? Is your assembly factory the best one for the job? We take every piece of the supply chain into account, and deliver efficiencies and cost reductions you didn’t realize were possible.

A Material Difference

Supply chain management is one of the most complex elements of globalized manufacturing. Materials and components come with varying grades of quality, pricing, taxes and points of origin. The same goes for factories. If you found your factory on Alibaba or through an agent, there’s probably a manufacturer still out there who can give you a better product at a fairer price.

At Gembah, we are on your side. We don’t get fees and kickbacks when you spend more. We’re successful when you are. Since we work with a range of companies manufacturing all over the world, we can easily spot when a material is overpriced. We know which shipping channels are reliable, which countries have tough regulatory standards, and how to seek out savings and mitigate risk at every step.


Size Matters

No matter what you make, your manufacturing strategy will change as you scale up. The most efficient method for making 1000 units is vastly different from making 1,000,000. These are the questions you need to be asking:

Is your factory prioritizing you or favoring bigger customers? Is your production on schedule? Are you getting price breaks as you scale? What happens when you outgrow your current factory?

You need to adapt as you scale. For your first small run, your best option might be going straight to an assembly factory or trading company that can supply their own materials and components at a smaller minimum quantity order (MOQ). When demand for your product grows, you are usually better off sourcing your own materials and parts from factories that were previously inaccessible due to their high MOQ.

You may have spent months or years putting together your supply chain. That doesn’t mean it can’t improve now or shouldn’t change as you grow.

Start Sourcing

Keep Politics Out of Your Supply Chain

Outsourcing manufacturing overseas isn’t simply a matter of finding the best, quickest, and cheapest suppliers. Tariffs and trade wars can quickly alter the viability of your product. When analyzing your supply chain, we have to consider geopolitical landscape as well.

If your business has already taken a hit from new tariffs, we can identify new suppliers and factories that route your supply chain around these taxes, and protect you against new ones.

If you act quickly, you can turn a trade war to your advantage. Competitors that are slower to adapt will no longer be able to compete. Partner with us, and we can get a bead on the competition before they know it.

With designs in hand, we are ready to find the perfect factory for the job. We can get you a production sample, then get your product produced, packaged, and ready for sale.

We’re ready to guide you to an optimal solution. Let’s realize your product development together

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