The Gembah Technology Platform

Finally. A Platform that Consolidates The Entire Product Development Process. Product development is exciting and can make or break a company, but it isn’t easy. It requires a lot of people, data, and expertise to get it right. Some of the most challenging aspects of product development are building the right team, managing all of the moving parts, and knowing what to do next.

Gembah Has the Solution.

No matter your product idea or stage, Gembah helps you create value faster with transparency built in from start to finish. You will be empowered with all of the technology, resources, and best practices you need in one platform. In fact, our proprietary platform is the key to your success.

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Gembah Platform

All-In-One Platform Powerhouse

The Gembah platform is unlike anything in the industry. It’s your product development hub, your single source of truth, your one place to manage the entire product development process.

We are your ground team. Interact with your custom-assigned designers and engineers to develop, view and finalize product sketches; CAD, 2D and 3D renderings; and material and component details in one place.

Factories compete for your business. Let us find the ideal factories and have them compete for your business based on pricing and quality, then look at product samples, photos, and quality/compliance audits from your dedicated, local Gembah team.

Leverage logistics partners worldwide. With an eye on efficiencies and savings, we manage logistics partners across the world, ensuring all payments to each vendor are handled and recorded with full oversight and transparency.

Gembah Platform

The Gembah Platform Is a Game-Changer.

When you have a vertically-integrated marketplace with all of the interactive features and capabilities you need to bring the right product to market, anything is possible.

Workflow Engine

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Our workflow engine generates the optimal project plan based on your specific requirements and identifies every task required to ensure your product is created with quality and in full compliance.

Product Research Engine

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With terabytes of current and historical e-commerce data, we assess your product opportunity in light of recent trends and the competitive marketplace to help you make the right investment decisions.

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Expert Database

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From design to factory sourcing, we leverage algorithms and detailed expert profiles from our curated network to identify the optimal team for you at every step of the product development process.

Take Your Idea From Concept to Shelf With Gembah.

As an entrepreneur, you need simple project tools to get your ideas from concept to shelf. Our project dashboard does just that.

You register, log in, and have easy access to your projects and our team — right away. If you have questions or need input about your project, you can chat with us directly and even tag the folks on our team.

Need to upload specs or a drawing? It’s as simple as drag and drop, either through your dashboard or right in the chat window. Your documents are stored in your project for easy access anytime. Don’t miss a thing with notifications via your email and the project dashboard.

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