Product Development Services

Our offerings cover the entire product creation, from ideation to manufacturing to shipping and logistics. Whether you need rapid 3D prototyping of a new idea or need help working with your overseas manufacturer, we have the solution to get it done.

In-Depth Research Gets You Started on the Right Foot.


Our team brings you the technology, tools, and proven practices to help you make data-backed decisions before you invest in product design and development.

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The Best Product Design Starts With a Spark of Inspiration


And that’s all you need to get started. Our product designers work with you to develop 3D prototypes that are ready for manufacturing.

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This Is the Question of “Who Can Build It Best”.


Our strategic sourcing draws from our network of factories with proven capabilities to pinpoint the best fit for your needs.

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Manufacturing Operations Management…

Production Management

…is about making sure the final product matches the designs, and the production schedule is met.

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Your product is made, now you need to ship it.

Logistics & Compliance

If you are importing into the United States or another country, you need to make sure it follows the local rules and regulations, along with international freight shipping and customs.

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Supply chain management and optimization

Supply Chain Evaluation

If you are already in production, we can look across the global supply chain to improve your current operations.

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