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Supply chain solution: milestone 5

Factory Discovery

Our team searches the globe to find the perfect factory match for producing your products, followed by providing support during price negotiations to ensure you get the best possible deal.


  • Search within our Global Factory Network & beyond
  • Regional support from Gembah staff
  • Expert support in helping choose the right region
  • Quote summary to compare pricing options
Regional Feasibility

For clients who are unsure of the region they would like to source products from, our team can provide a feasibility report to guide you to the best choice.

Quote Summary & Comparison

Pricing from each factory is presented and compared, to help guide you deciding on your final choice of manufacturer.

Factory Overviews

Factories within our network have been vetted and we can provide an introductory deck to show their certification and capability. We can also vet new factories for you.

Regional Support

We have Gembah staff in each of our regions, who support your best interests through pricing negotiations and communication with factories.

Supply chain solution: milestone 6

Sampling & Tooling

Receiving, validating, and reviewing samples until satisfied that the quality and specifications are achieved. Following this, tooling specifications are thoroughly reviewed and officially approved.


  • Perfect your sample
  • Collaborate with Factory
  • Regional Gembah staff support
  • Two rounds of sampling included
Factory Selection

It’s necessary for you to have chosen your factory, our team will make sure your factory has met all of your requirements.

Golden Sample

We include two rounds of sampling with the factory as standard in our process, the key outcome being your Golden sample which meets all your specifications.

Cost of Tooling

The cost of any tooling that is required for your product is passed directly to you, our team helps negotiate pricing and terms.

Quality Inspections

Our regional Gembah staff are available to visit factory’s in person and provide detailed inspections to make sure sampling meets all specifications.

Supply chain solution: milestone 7


Begins with the manufacturing of parts, followed by rigorous quality control checks. These parts are then brought to the assembly line, where they are assembled, packaged, and readied for shipping.


  • Place your purchase order
  • Quality checks are carried out at the factory
  • Gembah Regional staff support you
  • We provide logistics partners to arrange shipping
Place your Purchase Order

We will support you with all the details in placing your purchase order confidently, we provide full transparency to you in all transactions.

Regional Support

We have our Gembah staff in each region who can support in communications and negotiations with your new or existing supplier.

Quality Checks

Making sure your order meets all the required specifications is crucial, our staff are on hand to make sure that happens.

Logistics Partners

We have great partners who we support you in arranging all your logistics, getting your purchase order to where it needs to be in the world.

Supply chain solution: milestone 8

Production Management

Delegate the management of your production cycle to Gembah’s team of regional experts, who specialize in overseeing every aspect with a focus on rigorous quality control. They ensure each phase meets the highest standards of excellence.


  • Purchase order management
  • Process review & improvement
  • Regional support in communications
  • Quality checks
Multiple SKUs

Oue team can help you manage multiple SKUs from suppliers, pricing varies on the number of SKUs being managed. Enquire for pricing.

Quality Checks & Process Improvements

We work to ensure your purchase order meets all product specifications and continually work with the manufacturer to improve process and effeciency.

Regional Support in Communications

Our regional Gembah staff will represent your interests with the factory and support in communication and management of your account.

Purchase Order Management

We manage your purchase orders providing you peace of mind to focus on building your business and support you locally in the region of your choice.

Product development – What to expect

At Gembah we understand what it takes to bring your idea to market. Our services span every stage of the process. See below the stages which Gembah helped Amiee make Drymeister the growing success it is today.

Global Sourcing

We have Gembah teams in the largest manufacturing hubs of the world and contacts in many more.

Products Built with Gembah

Explore some of our clients’ products across multiple product categories

gembah sourcing

Top sourcing categories

We have demonstrated expertise in sourcing across a wide range of product categories, leveraging our established network of factory suppliers worldwide to meet diverse client needs

Baby & Toddler

When sourcing baby and toddler products, the focus areas are safety, non-toxic materials, compliance with international safety standards, durability, comfort, and innovative designs from reliable manufacturers.

Home & Kitchen

For home & kitchen products, sourcing emphasizes durability, functionality, eco-friendly materials, compliance with safety standards, aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness, and innovative designs from reputable suppliers.

Pet Products

Sourcing pet products focuses on safety, durability, non-toxic materials, comfort, functionality, adherence to animal welfare standards, innovative designs, and affordability from trustworthy manufacturers.

Gembah Sourcing & Supply Chain in Numbers

Our solutions have enabled true benefits for our customers and partnerships in enabling their business through supply chain expertise.




sourced cheaper


units manufactured

Product design Journey – Dry meister

We help you build successful products

Dry Meister Founder Amiee Roberson shares her product development story.

Aimee has always wanted to invent something and she finally felt she had landed on an invention that could be viable and useful for people from all walks of life.

Gembah’s designers took the product through several iterations, working with Aimee to tweak the design until it perfectly matched her vision. Gembah also helped design the interchangeable head mechanism, and finally located a factory in China that could meet the production and packaging demands.

Amiee Roberson

Dry Meister Founder

I have been working with Gembah for over two years now. We started with an idea and turned it into a marketable product. We ran a successful kickstarter and ran a successful production run of our product. Working with Gembah has been awesome and I plan to continue utilizing them as we build out our brand and create more products to bring to market.”

With Gembah we were able to stay in one place from design, to patenting, to managing the factories.”

sourced with gembah

Noshinku worked with Gembah to diversify their supply chain and find sustainability solutions.

Noshinku partnered with Gembah for their unparalleled expertise in sourcing high-quality manufacturers in India and China, aimed at developing bespoke packaging for their luxury hand sanitizer collection. Gembah’s seasoned team of manufacturing specialists guided Noshinku through every step of the sourcing, sampling, and production journey. They adeptly handled the complexities of overseas manufacturing, including factory shutdowns, challenging negotiations, and delays in shipping, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Sustainable Options

Important new phase of sustainability for the company

Dual Sourcing

Factories in China & India

READY TO help at any stage

Choose your product type

White Label

Find amazing insights in the market, and develop the ideas that bring them to life.


Work with the best talent to develop your idea into a full product for manufacture.


Comprehensive solutions to support new or existing products in supply chain.

From inventor to enterprise
Working with Gembah gains you an advantage

Gembah staff in China, India & Vietnam to represent your interest.

Global network of vetted factories to collaborate with at the early stages.

Manage each stage clearly and transparently. Jump into our services where it suits you.

Our platform & regional representation means you have the development edge in getting to market.

We’ll guide you through better decisions informed by data and user centered design.

Reduce costs by getting it done right, nothing is overlooked, avoid repeating work.

gembah marketplace

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