Onboard an overseas manufacturer,
with confidence.

Every manufacturer in Gembah’s global network has been vetted through a series of rigorous quality control checks. When you sign up with Gembah, you can rest assured that your manufacturer is the real deal.

  • 2000+ Vetted Manufacturers

  • Across 8 Regions

  • All Managed in One Platform

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Partner with vetted, trusted, and verified manufacturers from around the world.

No matter what region of the world you’re looking for a manufacturer in, you can trust every factory in the Gembah network has been fully vetted for quality, safety, compliance, and reliability.

One platform for you and your suppliers, no middleman.

Everything between your brand, your manufacturer, and your products is managed in one easy-to-use interface on the Gembah platform.

Gembah Platform

Work and communicate directly with your manufacturers.

For your brand, this means quick and easy communication and the opportunity to build strategic relationships in-house.

Track progress and get updates in real-time.

Stay in the loop and have total clarity throughout the entire manufacturing process through progress updates.

Unlimited number of products and manufacturers.

Manage as many products and collaborate with as many manufacturers as you need to.

For Overseas Manufacturing

Take advantage of

Gembah’s network includes teams in every manufacturing market to represent your best interests. A local presence in a global marketplace.

Ensure quality control practices
are followed.

Explore proven practices with product development experts to help you make data-driven decisions before you invest in product design and development.

Put fires out, before they happen.

Things go wrong in manufacturing all the time. You’ll have an outlet for avoiding preventable mistakes and putting out fires when they do happen (so to speak).

Protect your product’s intellectual property.

From NDAs to non-compete clauses, Gembah’s specialists help create a framework that allows you to hold your manufacturer accountable and keep your IP in-house.

Sourcing Agents
Find potential manufacturers in China
Find potential manufacturers globally
Provide boots-on-the-ground for quality control.
Work directly with the manufacturer.
Manage all communication in one dashboard.
Support protecting IP and product ideas.

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