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design solution: milestone 1

Research & Ideation

The first step in developing a new product, which starts with clearly understanding the market and its top selling products. Amazing new product concepts are developed, targetting a specific market opportunity.


  • Detailed data driven approach to product research
  • Collaboration with a Gembah Network designer
  • Five amazing product concepts
  • All outcomes are delivered in a summary pack
Market Research

Data driven approach to clearly understand your competition and identify a opportunity to positively differentiate a new product in the market.

Clear Opportunity

Positively differentiate your product in the market against key competitor products, through features and placement.

User Insights

Detailed analysis of consumer feedback of competitor products in the market, used to define clear areas of improvement for your product.

Amazing Product Concepts

A skilled designer will develop five product concepts that bring your new product alive in a collaborative process.

design solution: milestone 2

Final Concept

There are often many ways to solve a problem, this milestone of your project will finalise the best available option to design into your final concept.


  • Taking all the best ideas and combining into one design
  • Collaboration with a Gembah Network designer
  • High resolution render of your final product concept
  • All outcomes are delivered in a summary pack
Manufacturing Direction

Early feedback from our supply chain team, with enable the designer to make informed decisions around how your product will be manufactured and its feasibility.

Product Features

The key functions and features of your product are detailed, in particular any unique new features that differentiate it in the market.

Technical Specification

The key features of your product area clearly documented in a technical specification, to ensure factories can provide accurate feedback through the development process.

User Experience

How users interact with and use your product is detailed out, making sure your new product and the users experience is fully understood.

design solution: milestone 3

Design & Engineering

Your product is developed in 3D with all the necessary engineering applied to ensure its form & function are perfectly defined. This is the perfect time to build and test prototypes.


  • Part level detail and development
  • Collaboration with Gembah Network of technical design & engineering experts
  • Gembah Global factory network used for manufacturing feedback & collaboration
  • All outcomes are delivered in a summary pack
Detailed CAD Design

Your product is developed in CAD into all its parts, defining how the assembled and interact with one another.

Bill of Materials

Your product is defined at a part level, with each part attributed its specification and associated costs.

Engineering Development

Depending on your products complexity level, the appropriate engineering to develop and detail your products functionality is defined and developed.

Prototype & Testing

How users interact with and use your product is detailed out, making sure your new product and the users experience is fully understood,

design solution: milestone 4

Design Pack

Finalise all the development work into a pack of drawings and specifications that allows it to be manufactured anywhere in the world.


  • Focused on product specifications and technical drawings
  • Collaboration between Gembah network designers & factories
  • Everything you need to get to manufacture
  • All outcomes are delivered in a summary pack
Finalized 3D CAD of all Parts

Each of your products parts are finalized technically in the relevant file type that is required (Soft Goods, Hard Good, Electro Mechanical).

Manufacturing Detail

Your product is defined at a part level, with each part attributed its specification and associated costs.

Technical Drawings

All relevant drawings and specifications that will enable a factory to accurately quote and manufacture your product.

Colors, Materials and Finishes & Testing

Its recommended that your product is developed into a functional prototype that can be tested.

Product design Journey – DryMeister

We help you build successful products

DryMeister Founder Aimee Roberson shares her product development story.

Aimee has always wanted to invent something and she finally felt she had landed on an invention that could be viable and useful for people from all walks of life.

Gembah’s designers took the product through several iterations, working with Aimee to tweak the design until it perfectly matched her vision. Gembah also helped design the interchangeable head mechanism, and finally located a factory in China that could meet the production and packaging demands.

Aimee Roberson

DryMeister Founder

Product development – What to expect

At Gembah we understand what it takes to bring your idea to market. Our services span every stage of the process. See below the stages which Gembah helped Amiee make Drymeister the growing success it is today.

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See your project run smoothly with all processes, files, tasks and interactions hosted on our Gembah platform. Designed specifically with product development in-mind.

Unique Product; designed, engineered and sourced with gembah

Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker

The launch of the magnetic Bluetooth speaker by Blue Tees Golf marked a pioneering step into an exciting new product category, expanding their already flourishing business. This innovative concept enables golfers to effortlessly attach the speaker to a golf cart, offering the luxury of enjoying music while playing a round of golf with friends. This addition not only enhances the golfing experience but also solidifies Blue Tees Golf’s commitment to integrating modern technology with the sport’s traditions.

End-to-End Journey

Gembah took Blue Tees’ idea for a magnetic speaker and made it a reality.

Unique Product

Developing unique new feature set for the product with suppliers.

Products Built with Gembah

Explore some of our clients’ products across multiple product categories

We’re thrilled with the final version of the Pup Stack. After working through several iterations and design changes we built our first prototype. ..Then we built another. And another. Aaaaand another to get every last detail just right.”

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