Simple as that. Gembah takes your product from concept to market.

We bring your new product from idea to reality, guiding you from steps A to Z. Manage the process through our platform, and see your product come to life. You bring the madness, we’ll bring the method.

A successful product

is a product of design.

Turn your idea into a full-fledged design. Our product designers can take an idea–as simple as a napkin scrawl or just the glimmer of a concept–and produce multiple designs for you to review. Spotted a trendy product in the market? Make a better one and leap ahead of competitors.


One-up the competition

on every level.

Manufacture an affordable, functional, beautiful, and more durable product. We pinpoint the perfect factory from a worldwide selection, then use our experience and leverage to get you a better price than your company could on its own. Those savings often more than recuperate the cost of our services, and give you a pricing advantage on the competition. Your CFO is gonna love us.


Whatever it is,

we make sure it’s

made to perfection.

With production under way, we visit the factory, conduct quality control, and make sure all is moving according to plan. You won’t have to fly halfway across the planet to keep up with production. We present progress in a simple dashboard.



Tell us what you want to create.