Because you have a lot riding on this.

It takes a great process to make a great product. It also takes advanced technology and a network of experts in each product development area. Gembah is the only company in the industry to offer all three key elements in a single place. From research and design to sourcing and manufacturing, Gembah is the one partner you need to bring the right product to market with confidence.

When you partner with Gembah, you:

  • Augment your existing team to launch more products better, faster and at a lower cost
  • Develop more relevant products
  • Have a greater opportunity to up-sell and increase your customer lifetime value
  • Stay ahead of the competition Increase margin and profitability

And dramatically reduce your risk of:

  • Investing in the wrong product
  • Using the wrong resources
  • Overspending
  • Delaying time-to-market
  • Experiencing low or no ROI
manufacturing sourcing

The Gembah Difference

Bringing the right product to market is complicated. It can also be time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive – and still not result in a profitable product. You may build it, but that doesn’t always mean they will come.

Gembah is much more than a design firm or a product development company. Our proprietary platform brings the processes, technology and network of experts together to help you through one or every stage of the innovation cycle so you can bring the right product to market faster, better and with greater predictability. And you’ll have a Gembah product manager walking alongside you every step of the way.

This is how product development is supposed to happen.

our process

We aren’t yes people. We know what works and what can put you at risk. We leverage our experience to guide you through the product selection and development process to de-risk your investment at every stage. We offer best practices, proven workflows and strong recommendations on who to partner with and what to do next to give you greater confidence you’re on track.

Product Research

Predetermine your success.

We use predictive analytics and trend data to help you understand the marketplace in terms of sales velocity, search terms, ratings and reviews, and pricing perspective. With Gembah, you’ll know beforehand if your idea has potential, what you can expect to spend, and if margins will be enough for you to make money. Reach your sales goals faster. Get to the top of search pages faster.

Product Design

No regrets.

We use algorithms to precisely match your product to a team of industrial designers, and mechanical and electrical engineers from our extensive resource network. With Gembah, you never work with general designers but ones who have deep experience specifically in your product category. That means less time explaining and revising so you can bring your product to market faster with no “should-have-done” or “next time” regrets.

Factory Sourcing

Optimize margins without sacrificing quality.

With the product design in hand, we contact multiple vetted factories that specialize in your product category and have them compete for your business. This may be new to you, but our network of reputable factories is our playground. We get multiple quotes, narrow the field, make recommendations, and negotiate aggressively to get the best price. We ensure you optimize your margins without sacrificing quality.

Production & Factory Oversight

We are your ground team.

We don’t stop at finding the factory. We assign a boots-on-the-ground, local expert to your team whose sole responsibility is to regularly monitor production progress and compliance, examine product samples for quality, document status, and keep production humming. We are your eyes and ears, reporting back to you through our proprietary platform so you can stay updated and focused on your business while we take care of production.

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Our Proprietary Technology

Gembah’s purposely-built platform brings everything and everyone together so each stage is transparent, trackable and interactive – all in one place – complete with collaboration tools, team contacts, project plan, stage-specific task lists, sketches and renderings, factory photos and compliance reviews, and day-to-day progress. You won’t find anything like it in the industry and it’s exactly why our clients are so successful.

Our Network of Experts

Gembah offers a completely unique, proven approach to product development. We built a vertically-integrated marketplace that connects you with the best resources in the world. From designers and engineers to overseas manufacturers and logistics professionals, we make sure everyone on your team has what it takes to bring your product to market faster, better and at the fairest prices possible.

Gembah for Every Innovator

Whether you dabble in product innovation or are part of a product development enterprise, Gembah can help any creator bring winning products to market.

e-Commerce Resellers

Build your brand.

Reselling existing products at a higher price has become less and less profitable because of so much competition. Gembah will help you create your own products instead as you build long-term value and a profitable brand.


Add our expertise to your portfolio.

Have your own brand but lack supply chain expertise, the right resources, or a repeatable process? Gembah can be your outsourced product development partner to connect you with the right people and establish best practices.

Mid-Large Companies

Enhance your team and your capabilities.

You may have some product development expertise, but Gembah can help you launch products faster and more profitably. From sourcing better manufacturers to exploring new product categories, we can enhance your team and capabilities.

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