Logistics & Compliance

Whether you import products from China or need to send your newly minted inventory to be fulfilled by Amazon, we make sure it gets done on time without overpaying.


Trains, Trucks, and Cargo Ships

No matter where you manufacture, your products are taking a journey. It might be a slow and more affordable cruise from port to port, or a first-class ticket straight to its destination.

The right route for domestic and international freight shipping depends on your timeline and cost concerns. Fast is expensive, slow is cheap. Getting the most efficient route is also essential. Stupid is expensive, smart is cheap. Whether you need your product quickly or more cost-efficiently, we’ll always give you smart.

A forwarder can get your product shipped, but they might not be taking the optimal route, and they usually can’t help you with the last mile (getting your product to retailers or your own warehouse). We’ll always get your product on the right path.

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A Necessary Precaution

Managing the manufacturing process during production is the only way to be certain your entire order comes together as planned. Evaluating and testing products early on lets us fix potential defects before your entire production run is complete.

Our inspectors follow AQL standards when determining whether the quality of the factory’s output is acceptable. These are the internationally accepted criteria, which means the manufacturer is obliged to comply whenever we demand they replace defective products and increase the overall quality of the production.

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