Product Differentiation Strategies

Product Differentiation Strategies

To help your product stand out.

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One of the keys to creating a product people want to buy is to produce something unique that stands apart from the competition.  By leveraging new features and functionality, based on research, market demographic and gaps in the marketplace, you can identify key differentiators that set your product apart and create true value for customers. This is the idea behind product differentiation, and without it, your product can be lost in the sea of products that look the same, act the same, and solve the same problems.

What sets your products apart? How do you build a unique product, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a creative person? What if you have good ideas but no experience in product design?

Read “Product Differentiation Strategies” for a time-tested product development methodology that can help you identify ways for your product to stand out from the crowd, set them apart, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Leveraging human-centered design
  • Ways to identify differentiation for your current or future products
  • A process to evaluate and grade product differentiation ideas
  • How to implement your concepts

About Gembah

Gembah is much more than a design firm or a product development company. Our proprietary platform brings the processes, technology and network of experts together to help you through one or every stage of the innovation cycle so you can bring the right product to market faster, better and with greater predictability. And you’ll have a Gembah product manager walking alongside you every step of the way. From research and design to sourcing and manufacturing, Gembah is the one partner you need to bring the right product to market with confidence.