Amazon Aggregators and E-Commerce: What You Need to Know

Just before the pandemic started, something was brewing in the world of small brands selling on Amazon. A growing number of well-funded companies were buying up successful small sellers. Then, when everyone was stuck at home and buying even more from Amazon, the idea of consolidating brands took off.  The companies, called Amazon aggregators, buy … Read more

Contract Manufacturing in China — Not as Easy as You Think

Contract manufacturing in China has become increasingly popular. This option suits large organizations that don’t want to own factories or invest in capital equipment and smaller companies where building production facilities isn’t feasible. Beyond the cost savings, using a Chinese contract manufacturer allows firms to focus their efforts on product innovation, sales, and marketing.  Outsourcing … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Working With Overseas Manufacturers

Overseas manufacturers: boxes on a conveyor belt at a factory

When it’s time to decide where to manufacture your product, overseas manufacturers are an obvious choice. You’re looking at offshore manufacturing because you want to produce high-quality products quickly, at a fair price.  But can overseas manufacturers deliver? Sometimes — but it’s not as easy as you think. The advantages of overseas sourcing are well … Read more

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of the New Product Development Process

new product development process: employees looking at a laptop

The new product development process is a proven roadmap for taking ideas into products, and it’s used by thousands of companies across hundreds of industries every day. The steps in this process are tools that, when used properly, can deliver a true competitive advantage and increase your company’s bottom line.  The benefit you derive is … Read more