Best Ways To Convey Innovation With Product Design Sketches

Product design sketches: sketches of bags and bikes

Have you ever been chatting with friends at a restaurant, and an idea so great comes to you that you grab a pen and a napkin to start drawing? This is the most fundamental form of product design sketching. It’s the act of turning an idea in your head into a graphical representation that captures … Read more

Cali Weights

Cali Weights Gembah case study

Gembah helped Cali Weights go to market, from designing the initial product sketches and 3D renderings all the way to factory production.

Full Circle Ocean Gear

full circle ocean gear

Full Circle Ocean Gear turned to Gembah for product design and manufacturing sourcing to innovate a traditional sport through sustainability.

Willpower Resistance Bands

Willpower resistance bands case study

Willpower Resistance Bands teamed up with Gembah to redesign a new product for manufacturing and develop an all new production process.

5 Product Design Steps and Why You Can’t Skip Them

Product design graphic displayed on a laptop

If you have been investigating how to bring a product idea to market, you have probably heard the word design a hundred times. It can be a noun referring to the documentation manufacturers will refer to when they make your product. Or it can be a verb — the act of determining what goes into … Read more