Contract Manufacturing in China — Not as Easy as You Think

Contract manufacturing in China has become increasingly popular. This option suits large organizations that don’t want to own factories or invest in capital equipment and smaller companies where building production facilities isn’t feasible. Beyond the cost savings, using a Chinese contract manufacturer allows firms to focus their efforts on product innovation, sales, and marketing.  Outsourcing … Read more

China Manufacturing: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t, and How Does it Impact Your Products? 

China manufacturing: made in China boxes in a factory

One of the most important decisions you can make when launching a new product is where your product is manufactured and who your manufacturing partner is. And let’s be honest, the pandemic and supply chain disruptions in recent years might make you question if manufacturing in China is still the obvious choice it may have … Read more

No Touch Easy Gloves

How No Touch Easy Gloves moved manufacturing to China and cut 60-70% on production costs with the help of Gembah’s factory sourcing services.

Personal Protective Equipment: China Expands Production

cut and sew factories post mandate

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented rush on equipment to help medical professionals and individuals fight it and push toward recovery and a resolution. On April 1, the Chinese Government put out an expansive list that includes over 1,000 factories certified to export Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products. Personal protective equipment examples … Read more