Manufacturing in China: The Power of Relationship

Manufacturing in China: The Power of Relationship

Building Relationship with Your Manufacturer in China and how to utilize the power of relationship to get prioritized with your manufacturing partner

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About the Webinar

China still remains the manufacturing hub of choice worldwide. It still boasts low cost labor, affordable raw material cost, access to cutting-edge technology and evolved supply chain management. Heavy investments in research and development have helped the country gain an edge over other countries and by identifying a reliable local supplier, you can have an efficient option for design and production.

China’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic was initially strong but has weakened in recent months, as its manufacturing sector is hit by rising costs, production bottlenecks and electricity rationing. All of these issues could mean potential delays in production and prioritization of companies in the production line.

Join Benjamin Hopwood and Louis Lau for our 45 minute webinar and Q&A on how to develop and maintain great relationship with your current or future Chinese partners to reduce risk and ensure that you are a priority.


  • Current supply chain challenges in China
  • What that means for 2022 and current logistics
  • The Art of Guanxi- cultivating relationship with trust, respect, time, and face
  • What is required to make sure you have a place in the production line


Head of Supply Chain

Benjamin Hopwood

Gembah’s Head of Supply Chain, Benjamin Hopwood is a global leader in supply chain management and product production leading teams in China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Prior to joining Gembah, Hopwood was the Chief Technology Officer for PRENOVA Technologies and general manager of Beckett Asia Pacific with over 15 years of global product development, manufacturing and supply chain. He specializes in the launch of disruptive, high-tech products from concept to prototype to mass-market.

An alliance builder with fifteen years of global experience, Hopwood is fluent in complex hardware product lifecycle development and is an experienced presenter on global supply chain diversification. His joint work with Wal-Mart China: Sustainable Operations Strategy was published by Richard Ivey School of Business and is still taught in global MBAs.

Head of Production for China

Louis Lau

“When you find out the joy of manufacturing, your daily life also becomes a library, which helps you have a better understanding of the world.” Louis is a creator, entrepreneur and a team player, with a passion to build sustainable and strategic supply chain networks on a global scale. With over 8+ years of international business, manufacturing, and supply chain experience, Louis heads up Gembah’s operations in the East Asia region.

Topics: China, Manufacturing