Diversifying Supply Chain and Sourcing Outside of China

Diversifying Supply Chain and Sourcing Outside of China

Transitioning from China can be complicated, but diversification is giving many companies peace of mind as they try to determine how best to navigate increasing political tensions and tariffs.

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About the Webinar

At Gembah, we help companies, e-commerce resellers and entrepreneurs create and bring high-value products to market all the time. Manufacturing is just one part of that process, but it is a critical step that every product depends on. Finding the right manufacturer for your product isn’t as easy as a web search. It takes local knowledge, rigorous vetting, and precise selection to ensure you can build a trusting, lasting relationship.

Being dependent on one manufacturer for all of your products and components is risky. Learn how to diversify your supply chain to lower your risk in our free webinar, “Diversifying Supply Chain and Sourcing Outside of China.” Our supply chain expert will walk you through why diversification is so important in today’s world, and how to identify great manufacturers from other parts of the world besides China.

Benjamin Hopwood is Gembah’s Head of Supply Chain and has over 18 years of manufacturing and supply chain experience throughout the Americas, APAC, and European regions. He is fluent in consumer level and complex hardware product lifecycle development in both traditional Stage-Gate and Agile environments. He will share best practices on how global teams can diversify their supply chains and find new strategic suppliers beyond China.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a resilient and scalable supply chain strategy
  • How to find the hottest regions for your post-2020 supply chain
  • Discover how you can find increased security in an increasingly uncertain supply chain world
  • Gembah’s predictions for 2021-2025


Head of Supply Chain

Benjamin Hopwood

Gembah’s Head of Supply Chain, Benjamin Hopwood is a global leader in supply chain management and product production leading teams in China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Prior to joining Gembah, Hopwood was the Chief Product Officer for PRENOVA Technologies and general manager of Beckett Asia Pacific with over 15 years of global product development, manufacturing and supply chain. He specializes in the launch of disruptive, high-tech products from concept to prototype to mass-market.

Topics: China, Supply Chain