Turn Your Product Idea to Reality & Master Global Sourcing

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Join us at ECOMWORLD for an e-Commerce Masterclass with co-founder & CEO Henrik Johansson.

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About the Event

Our co-founder and CEO, Henrik Johansson will talk through the product creation process from idea to market including:

  • How to shift your mindset to a product creation strategy that benefits your bottom line
  • The how-tos of product development from ideation to market and typical product journeys
  • Current trends in the global supply chain and what your options are for diversifying from a China-dependent manufacturing strategy

ECOMWORLD is the event where speakers share exclusive knowledge, tactics and actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable ecommerce businesses in 2021.

This isn’t your typical virtual conference. ECOMWORLD is gathering the world’s most innovative founders, brightest minds and trailblazing DTC brands for two days of masterclasses and networking.

Come hear from the world’s most successful DTC brand founders, CEOs, and CMOs, as well as top industry authorities and the brightest minds in ecommerce. They will reveal some of the practical strategies and exclusive secrets that the biggest businesses (including their own) use to grow and profit.

Who is Attending

Co-Founder & CEO

Henrik Johansson

Henrik not only co-founded and leads Gembah, but he is a former CEO and co-founder of several venture startups, most recently Boundless, a $100M promotional products company and platform. When he isn’t focusing on building Gembah, you can find him trail running or eating Mexican food.