LapLok Finalizes Design and Manufacturing Ahead of New Product Launch

LapLok Finalizes Design and Manufacturing Ahead of New Product Launch

Keeping Your Tech Secure, No Matter Where You’re Working

Father-son duo Paul and Ryan Angott are no strangers to invention. Paul has 42 patents to his name and a long history of innovating products, including the first self-guided commercial lawnmower and a breast cancer detection system. Ryan has worked in cybersecurity for over 7 years, selling over $24 million in complex security software.. 

But when Ryan was traveling for work, he realized how challenging it was to keep his laptop safe and secure. If he was working in a coffee shop, he had to pack up everything just to run to the counter for a refill. It wasted time and energy, but considering that 1,600 laptops are stolen each day, it was a necessary inconvenience to keep his items safe. 

It didn’t take long for Paul and Ryan to put their heads together and come up with a new way to keep laptops secure, no matter where people were working. With Paul’s background in design and Ryan’s knowledge of security, they created LapLok, a unique device that can attach a laptop to almost any surface, preventing grab and go theft. Not only does it keep the laptop from being snatched, but in the event someone tampers with it, an alarm sounds to ward off would-be thieves.

Challenges in marketing and prototyping

LapLok was the perfect solution for traveling business people who found themselves working in hotels, airports, and other places away from home. But then, Covid threatened to keep LapLok from getting off the ground at all. Airports closed down, and millions of people started working from home. With no one traveling, was there still a need for LapLok?

The massive increase of people working remotely proved to be a perfect pivot point. Rather than focusing on traveling executives, Paul and Ryan realized that the entire country was working remotely and still needed to protect their devices whether they were working from home, at a coffee shop, or in coworking spaces. LapLok was the perfect solution.

Their challenges weren’t over, though. Paul and Ryan struggled to find a manufacturer who could successfully create prototypes and manufacture LapLok to the exact specifications required. With its 140 unique parts, even one small error could prevent the entire product from working correctly. After several frustrating attempts with manufacturers, they reached out to Gembah for help.

The perfect match for precision in manufacturing

Gembah matched LapLok with a supplier who could manufacture the product with the attention to detail and quality required to ensure each LapLok was produced according to specifications. Ryan and Paul preferred a manufacturer outside of China, and Gembah found the perfect match with a company in India

After successful prototyping, Gembah helped ensure the quality of the final product by taking it through quality control and carefully monitoring all aspects of manufacturing. LapLok is now in the prelaunch phase and already has large orders from companies that are proactively concerned with their remote workforce’s security. 

After a resounding success with Gembah, Paul and Ryan are interested in working with Gembah on several other products which will help keep laptops and other devices secure on the go. 

Success Story

From a Creator

“We chose Gembah partly because of their extensive network, and now we’re working with this new Indian supplier who we have the utmost confidence in. I’ve referred people to Gembah already.”

— Ryan Angott, President of LapLok