It’s easy to source a factory. If you have no problem with getting ripped off and misled, you can find a manufacturer yourself or through an agent. Every sourcing agent and factory on Alibaba knows you wouldn’t be using them if you knew what you were doing. They take advantage of that.

On the other hand, there’s Gembah. Factories know they can’t push us around. They know we are established in the field. They know we have a deep understanding of costs and high expectations on quality. They know if they treat our customers right, they’ll get more business.

You can take advantage of that.

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A Reliable


When looking for a factory to make your product, you have a lot of options. Few of them are any good.

You can find a manufacturer through an online directory. But how do you know they’re qualified and reputable? So you work with a sourcing agent. But do you know if they’re connecting you with the best factory and negotiating the best price? Are they transparent about their markup and fees? Can you tell if they’re truly working for you and not the factories? These options put you at an immediate disadvantage and make you come off as an amateur.

To work with the best factories and get fair pricing, you need to appear professional. You need a partner that works for you, and only bids your project out to trusted factories. Our strategic sourcing not only makes the process infinitely easier, it grants you the leverage of a more established producer.

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A World-Class Network

Sometimes a factory’s location is just as important as its capabilities. Each country has its own manufacturing and transportation infrastructure, skilled workforce, and international trade policies to consider. In building our factory network, we took advantage of the strengths of each region, while mitigating the risk posed by trade wars. That lets us keep your sourcing strategy nimble and dependable.

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& Verified

All of our factory partners have proven records in quality, safety, compliance, and reliability. We know their unique capabilities, and have assembled a network of specialists that allows us to make anything. We’ve visited them in person and seen what they can do. We’ve held their products in our hands, and rigorously tested their quality. 

At the same time, they know we can be a valuable partner to them––but only if they do right by our customers. They will treat you like a longtime customer, even if you’ve never made a product before.

Source Strategically

When sourcing your product, we consider every piece of your supply chain. Depending on what you want to create and your order quantity, the strategy vary drastically. To get the best quality at the scale you need, we have to consider every resource.

There are essentially three types of factories:

Raw Material Factory

This is where the basic materials of your product prepared for production. One might mill cotton while another creates plastic pellets. Those are then sent to other factories to be turned into components or products.

Component Factory

Just as the name implies, these factories produce items that become part of a final product. One component factory might produce only zippers, which end up in jeans, jackets, backpacks, and handbags produced by a range of brands.

Assembly Factory

This is where it all comes together. They take materials and components from other factories and turn them into a product that can be packaged and sold.

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