How to Create More Sustainable Products

How to Create More Sustainable Products

A comprehensive guide on why your brand should go sustainble, and how to do so.

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About the ebook

Care for the environment has become a major topic of concern for everyone around the globe, including politicians, consumers and investors. We’ve become increasingly aware of the impact we’re having on our environment, from the materials we’re taking out of the earth to the byproducts we’re releasing in our environment.

As a business owner, you may or may not have strong feelings about how your products impact the environment. But whether or not you’re thinking about it, your customers and potential customers are.

Here’s how customer expectations have changed:

  • 85% of consumers are now interested in buying more sustainable products
  • One-third of millennials will buy an environmentally sustainable choice if there was the option to do so
  • 42% percent of consumers in the U.S. are willing to pay higher prices for sustainable products

Each chapter in this ebook explains how you can begin moving towards sustainability, and provides resources to help you on your sustainability journey.

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