Apple to Ramp Up Investments in Vietnam as Part of China-Plus Strategy
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Apple to Ramp Up Investments in Vietnam as Part of China-Plus Strategy

In a significant move towards diversifying its supply chain, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the company’s plans to increase investments in Vietnam. During a two-day visit to Hanoi, Cook met with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and discussed Apple’s expansion plans in the Southeast Asian manufacturing hub.

Apple’s China-Plus Strategy

Vietnam has become a crucial part of Apple’s China-Plus strategy, which aims to establish manufacturing hubs in other Southeast Asian countries to mitigate risks associated with its reliance on China. The company began exploring alternatives to China following a series of COVID-19-related disruptions, including the shutdown of a Foxconn factory in 2022 due to a coronavirus outbreak amidst China’s zero-COVID policy.

Diversifying Supply Chains

Apple is not alone in its efforts to diversify supply chains away from China. Major companies such as UPS and Intel have also adopted the China Plus One strategy to reduce their dependence on a single country for manufacturing. The move towards Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries is driven by the need for greater resilience and risk mitigation in the face of global uncertainties.

Praise for Vietnam

During his visit, Tim Cook praised Vietnam, calling it a “vibrant and beautiful country.” He engaged with students, programmers, and content creators, highlighting the importance of Vietnam’s talent pool in Apple’s future plans. The company has already spent $16 billion through its supply chain in Vietnam and has created over 200,000 jobs in the country.

Government Support

The Vietnamese government has welcomed Apple’s plans to expand its presence in the country. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh expressed the government’s willingness to work with Apple to establish a working group that will support the company’s sustainable investment and expansion in Vietnam. The government has also proposed that Apple identify Vietnam as a production base and encourage its suppliers to invest in the country.

Collaboration and Innovation

Apple has been urged to increase consultancy for Vietnam to improve its legal system and policy mechanisms related to science, technology, and innovation. The company has also been encouraged to promote cooperation with innovation centers and software parks in Vietnam, particularly with the Vietnam National Innovation Center.

Additionally, the government has requested Apple’s support in human resource training, including a program to train 100,000 high-quality engineers, with a focus on the semiconductor industry.

Clean Energy Access

Tim Cook acknowledged the Vietnamese government’s proposal to increase clean energy access for Apple manufacturers in the country. This aligns with Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint across its global operations.

The Future of Apple in Vietnam

Apple’s announcement to boost investments in Vietnam marks a significant milestone in the company’s global supply chain strategy. As the tech giant continues to expand its presence in the country, it is expected to contribute to Vietnam’s economic growth, create more job opportunities, and foster innovation in the technology sector.

With the support of the Vietnamese government and a skilled workforce, Apple is well-positioned to make Vietnam a key player in its global manufacturing network.

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