Sea Logistics – Get your freight moving

Sea Logistics – Get your freight moving

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About the Webinar

Ocean shipping supply chain issues are impacting the global economy. With the resurgence of COVID, weather and other global factors, there is a continued delay in shipping lanes and slowed turnover. Shipping companies can charge four to ten times the normal price to move cargo with the average worldwide cost of transporting a 40-foot shipping container more than quadruple that from a year ago.

Shipping container deficits, delays, and cost increases are creating a rising sense of frustration and shortages with inventory that have impacted the ability to serve customers and rebound from closures. These are inescapable challenges for retailers however there are ways to navigate around these issues.

Join Benjamin Hopwood for our 30 minute webinar and Q&A, Sea Logistics – Get your freight moving, where he discusses the impact of global supply chain disruption on sea freight- what to expect, what trends you should be watching and solutions to work around the challenges.

What you will learn:

  • Impact of container shortages
  • Timelines and when we can expect it to end
  • Key indicators that signal shifts in the marketplace
  • Impact of Chinese New Year and Golden Week
  • Risks of waiting to ship your goods
  • Creative solutions to get around your current pain points


Head of Supply Chain at Gembah

Benjamin Hopwood

Gembah’s Head of Supply Chain, Benjamin Hopwood is a global leader in supply chain management and product production leading teams in China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Prior to joining Gembah, Hopwood was the Chief Technology Officer for PRENOVA Technologies and general manager of Beckett Asia Pacific with over 15 years of global product development, manufacturing and supply chain. He specializes in the launch of disruptive, high-tech products from concept to prototype to mass-market.

An alliance builder with fifteen years of global experience, Hopwood is fluent in complex hardware product lifecycle development and is an experienced presenter on global supply chain diversification. His joint work with Wal-Mart China: Sustainable Operations Strategy was published by Richard Ivey School of Business and is still taught in global MBAs.