Grow Your E-Commerce Store to a Multichannel Business

Grow Your E-Commerce Store to a Multichannel Business

Join Steven Blustein in this virtual session to grow your e-commerce store into a multichannel business.

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About the Webinar

From increased product visibility and brand awareness to diversification, experienced sellers understand that having products for sale on multiple marketplaces and channels is the best way to get their listings in front of the largest possible audience and more potential customers. 

Talk to two entrepreneurs that have carved a path outside of a single e-commerce channel and their recommendations for how you would grow your business.  Steven Blustein, founder of Pride Bites and Gembah, discusses how he expanded his reach in the market from DTC to wholesale.  Eric Finkelman, CEO and Owner of Cali Weights, highlights his journey and how he was able to get Indiegogo funding and expand from Amazon to multiple businesses in the B2B space.


Learn more about

  • How to shift your mindset to focus more of your efforts on product design and innovation
  • The how-tos of product development from ideation to market and typical product journeys
  • How to get funding to expand your reach- what is required and the next ladder to a multi-brand B2B business
  • Recommendations to overcome fulfillment issues and volume challenges


Entrepreneur & Innovator

Steven Blustein

Steven Blustein is an entrepreneur/innovator extraordinaire and the Co-Founder of both Gembah Inc and PrideBites Pet Products. He is an expert in product development and supply chain strategy. Over his career, Blustein has owned and operated businesses that have designed, manufactured and sold millions of consumer products from all over the world. He is well versed in foreign manufacturing strategy and has participated in every aspect of the product creation journey.

In 2016, Blustein was backed by two Sharks, Lori Grenier and Robert Herjavec, on ABC’s Shark Tank, and was a previous recipient of the Pet Industry 40 under 40 award. Blustein graduated from the University of Kansas with his Masters in Tax and is trilingual in English, Chinese and Spanish. Steven is married to his beautiful wife Kellie, and together they have a son, JB and two furry children named, Mona and Minnie.

Brand Development, Ecommerce (Sold over $6M on Amazon & Shopify)

Eric Howard

Eric launched his first private label brand in 2016 and sold it a year later to a private merchandising company. Since then, he has launched multiple brands generating a combined $6M across Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

After a successful IndieGogo campaign, he started working with Gembah to bring custom products to the market. In addition, he helps clients develop and grow their own eCommerce private label brands on global marketplaces. Some key areas of focus are product and category research, overseeing P&L and cash flow, supply chain logistics, hiring, multi-channel marketing and profitability KPIs.

Whether building a new brand to sell off or adding to an existing portfolio, finding the right product is the most important and sometimes difficult aspect. Understanding the keyword opportunity and making sure it’s manufactured on budget are critical to a product’s success and lead to incredible growth opportunities.

Topics: E-commerce