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Before you invest in product design and development, get connected with experts who will utilize tools, technologies, and proven practices to help evaluate the feasibility of your ideas.

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A strategy catered to your brand.

Every business is unique. For that reason, experts in Gembah’s network evaluate the market from your perspective, taking into account your existing products, the stage of your business, and your goals to tailor the research to your needs.

Opportunity Assessment

Understand how big the potential market is and whether enough customers are converting into buyers in your product category.

Competitive Analysis

Get a sense of how you can improve off your competitor’s products and the marketing budget you’ll need to get sufficient exposure.

Profitability Analysis

Ensure your product is viable to create profitably in the short and long-term by estimating and anticipating costs.

Customer Research

Listening to your customers is a valuable step in identifying trends and improvements your customers are looking for.


Move onto design and manufacturing with complete confidence.

Beyond just validating and refining your product ideas, Gembah’s platform connects you with the best designers and manufacturers in your product category to build your product.

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Vetted business experts across every major product category.

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We had an excellent experience with Gembah, and an excellent outcome. We had been searching through all our suppliers and connections, but with no results. I then called Gembah, and they quickly connected me with four global experts, two of whom had worked in the construction industry and understood my product very well.

Dan Rozycki, President of The Transtec Group