Private Label Water Bottles

While it can sometimes be difficult to find private label water bottle suppliers, our extensive network of proven partners can demystify the process for you.

  • Find experts at designing and sourcing water bottles

  • Search our network of excellent manufacturers

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How Gembah can help you find & source private label water bottles.

Through our proven network, you can create the best team to bring your water bottles to the market. It’s a user-friendly process that puts your goals front and center.

Collaborate with the industry’s best partners.

We’ll connect you with product designers and sourcing experts who know from experience how to develop and launch private label water bottles.

Lean on expert advice.

You’ll enjoy a smoother path to launch thanks to the guidance of proven experts who know how to get from Point A to Point B.

Explore new product lines.

With the industry’s most talented experts and thousands of factories at your fingertips, it’s easier to bring new products to market and broaden your success.

The best network for finding the best manufacturers.

It takes exceptional partners to create exceptional products. Our network makes it easier to find the best manufacturers for your water bottles.

Find trusted manufacturers.

Our network of water bottle factories helps you connect with the best options and expedite your success.

Set the standards for success.

As you monitor the manufacturing process, ensure the quality is on point so that you can set favorable prices that deliver higher margins.

Build something you can be proud of.

You’ll bypass the hurdles and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done by partnering with the water bottle manufacturers from our network.

Everything you need in one convenient platform.

You can bring your water bottle to market faster than ever thanks to our project management tools. With the development stage and production process simplified, you can focus on preparing for a successful product launch.

Keep your product close and your manufacturers even closer.

Communication is crucial for effective manufacturing, so we always make it easy to connect with the right people at the right time.

Track milestones and prepare for launch.

With clear visibility into the status of your water bottles, you can avoid snags in the process and obtain updates whenever necessary.

Introduce your water bottles to the world.

Thanks to a streamlined manufacturing process, you’ll be able to hit the ground running once your product is ready to be sold.

answers to everything you need to get started

Frequently asked questions.

What are private label products?

A private label product is produced by a company to be sold exclusively under its brand name. An external manufacturer might be involved in the process, but the company controls everything from the product’s specifications to the quality standards. They then sell the product to consumers.

What’s the difference between private label & white label products?

Private label products are exclusive to a certain company that has oversight on the specifications and quality during the manufacturing process, then sells this product directly to end consumers. White label products, on the other hand, have no logos and aren’t exclusive to a single brand. This anonymity allows a manufacturer to sell identical products to an unlimited number of companies.

Why should you use private labels?

Private label products give you an undeniable edge because no competitors can sell the same exact product. This means you’re in control of the manufacturing process, allowing you to build brand loyalty through quality, customization, and a consistent customer experience.

Can private label products reduce unit costs?

While white label products are often less expensive to manufacture, their generic presence in the marketplace limits how much money you can make on the back end. A private label product can still be manufactured at an affordable cost, and offers the potential for much better profitability because you can charge higher prices and enjoy higher margins.

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