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Amazon has created the largest marketplace in the history of humans (or any other species for that matter).

The fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) space is filled with opportunity, but riddled with fierce competitors.

Make Your Own Products

Amazon Sellers

How We Design Products

Design Makes the Diference

While other FBA sellers attempt to sell the same exact product, you can build one they will never be able to acquire. Now it’s not just a matter of competing in search and getting more reviews.

Our product designers can take any product in any category, refine it, add new features, change the materials, and create something truly innovative.

Manufacture Smarter

Quality Control

It’s over when the factory is chosen. As an Amazon FBA seller, you know the challenges, headaches, and risks that come from sourcing a new product. It’s extremely difficult to find a good, trustworthy product for your factory. At best, it’s a total pain. At worst, it’s a complete ripoff. We can connect you with the ideal manufacturer.

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”

A little innovation can go a long way. Look at YETI. They took an everyday product, a cooler, and found a few simple ways to improve upon the age-old design. Now they’re a massive lifestyle brand with a vast product line.

It’s not over when the factory is chosen

To maintain quality control throughout the manufacturing process, we thoroughly test your products ey come off the line. At the same time, we get them cleared for entry into their destination country. That ensures an on-time delivery, better reviews, and fewer returns


We offer expertise to anyone – just bring your ideas and have insights that can only come from experience. We provide support at every step
to make it all manageable through our platform


Innovate your inventory

You’re not just selling on Amazon. You’re building a brand. You don’t need to be weighed down by the time and stress of making a product. We handle everything from the first design to when arrives at Amazon’s warehouses.

  • Utilize our factory network to get that “showroom” experience – they bring you products they are going to release for three to six months down the road.
  • Get insights from seasoned veterans who know which products can be produced reliably, shipped easily, and sold with high margins.

The Next Big Product

Find your next 7-figure product

Research and finding opportunities to sell great products is challenging. The stakes are high and the process is complicated. For most Amazon sellers, failure isn’t an option. There are tools out there to make this process slightly easier, but are they identifying the right outlet to increase smart revenue to your bottom line?

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