How Product Creation Increases Company Value
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How Product Creation Increases Company Value

What kind of business are you building? Are you looking to grow your brand to increase revenue or is your ultimate goal to grow your brand to attract a buyer? If you are reselling products on Amazon or another e-Commerce site, achieving either of these goals is a long, uphill battle. Ultimately, your best bet is to create your own products so you can develop a direct relationship with your customers and sell on any platform. Instead of being just a marketplace seller, you create a real business brand with real value – one that will be more profitable and attract serious acquirers.

But how do you start, what does it entail and how does it compare with reselling products?

In this Gembah webinar, Henrik Johansson breaks it all down for you. Henrik is Gembah’s Co-founder and is a serial entrepreneur who most recently sold his company to Zazzle after reaching $100M in annual revenues by selling more than $650M of product.

Throughout the presentation, Henrik shares his extensive industry experience to explain why developing your own products drives higher valuation and what you can expect every step of the way. By the end you will learn:

  • How two companies that are similar in size and number of products sold at the same price points and margins have vastly different valuations
  • What acquirers are looking for when buying a business
  • The difference between the “Product Listing First” formula for product selection vs. the “Brand/Customer” formula for product creation
  • The common denominator of successful companies
  • The critical steps to get started in product creation

At Gembah, we help companies, e-commerce resellers and entrepreneurs create and bring high-value products to market all the time. It’s why we exist and our Platform, process and resources are unlike anything in the industry. We understand how hard it is to make a product from scratch, but we also know how to make products better, easier and faster to achieve greater value.

Before you decide that creating your own products is off the table, this webinar will help you learn exactly what it takes to develop and bring to market your own branded products that build true business value. We’ll walk you through each step and show you side-by-side how reselling products compares with creating your own products.