Scaling Manufacturing Outside of China

Scaling Manufacturing Outside of China

For years, China has been the go-to manufacturing location, but that has changed in recent times. Learn how to diversify your supply chain.

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About the Webinar

Have you ever wondered if your product can be manufactured better, faster and/or cheaper with someone outside of your current manufacturing partner? We’ve had tariff increases, an ecommerce boom, hyperbolic increases in logistics costs, and now all of that is coming to a halt as we enter what some experts are calling a global recession. 

These complications can hinder the full potential of how your business scales and produces more revenue. To put it plainly, the increasing cost and complications with China have put your supply chain at risk.  In such unpredictable times, American companies need to have a Plan B and C to keep their businesses profitable and thriving. Though, moving away from China is easier said than done. It’s understandable to have concerns about the feasibility of branching out to other markets.

Regardless of where you manufacture your goods, being dependent on one manufacturer for all of your products and components is risky. Having multiple suppliers in multiple regions will help you mitigate all of the possible “what if” scenarios to help you check that box off of “Is my supply chain stable”. 

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • How to develop a resilient and scalable supply chain strategy
  • Where to find the best regions to manufacture your products
  • Discover how you can find increased security in an increasingly uncertain supply chain world


Co-Founder & CPO

Zack Leonard

Zack Leonard is the CPO, President, and Co-founder of Gembah, where they help Amazon and e-commerce sellers design, research, manufacture, and promote products. Zack was on the ground floor of the unicorn company Instacart – helping build the Texas markets from $0 to 7 Figures in weekly GMV, build the national supply forecasting system and fostering partnerships with Whole Foods, Costco, and HEB.

He earned his bachelor of business administration from Texas McCombs School of Business. He lives with his wife, daughter, and two dogs in Texas.


Chief Marketing Officer at Sellernomics

Rob Stanley

Former Founder of two successful 7-Figure online eCommerce brands. After selling both businesses in 2018 Rob’s 20+ years of eCommerce and marketing background are a perfect fit for GETIDA where he assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer. Extensive experience with Amazon, eBay, Sourcing, eCommerce, YouTube, Adwords, and more.

💲 Sold Multiple 7-Figure Ecommerce Businesses
🎙 Podcast Host: Selllernomics Podcast
🏭 China Sourcing Expert: Visited over 100 China Factories
📱 Former Founder of DirectFix (Largest iPhone Parts Supplier in the USA)
✔️ Former YouTube Channel with 48 Million Views before selling it.
📹 YouTube Certified Expert
🏆 AdWords Certified
⭐ Selling on eBay Since 1998

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