How to Prevent Manufacturers from Stealing your Product Idea

How to Prevent Manufacturers from Stealing your Product Idea

(and what to do when it happens)

In this webinar, we discuss best practices that can limit your exposure when working with a supplier or factory partner.

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About the Webinar

You have a brilliant idea… to make it happen, you put in the leg work and mind share, spend your time and money researching the market and creating innovative designs.  Then you get ready for the next step-  working with a factory to start the manufacturing process.  You are about to share your idea and concept as well as hand them detailed instructions about how to make it before it ever hits the marketplace.  

This can be a nerve wracking process for any product creator. You have to make sure that your ideas and products are protected from theft. So what do you do? Legal protections are one option- if they are available and affordable. You can also take extra precautions when finding manufacturers and mitigate your exposure using supply chain strategies.  

Join our expert, Benjamin Hopwood for our 45 minute webinar and Q&A to explore some additional ways to protect your product during the manufacturing process. And what the worst scenario happens, what are some ways to recover.

What you’ll learn:

  • Legal strategies for IP protection against foreign manufacturers
  • Enforceable agreements with Chinese suppliers 
  • Legal liabilities operating across countries
  • Splitting and diversifying production across multiple factories or countries
  • Coordination of logistics and supply chain
  • Factory relationships


Head of Supply Chain

Benjamin Hopwood

Gembah’s Head of Supply Chain, Benjamin Hopwood is a global leader in supply chain management and product production leading teams in China, Mexico, India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Prior to joining Gembah, Hopwood was the Chief Technology Officer for PRENOVA Technologies and general manager of Beckett Asia Pacific with over 15 years of global product development, manufacturing and supply chain. He specializes in the launch of disruptive, high-tech products from concept to prototype to mass-market. 

An alliance builder with fifteen years of global experience, Hopwood is fluent in complex hardware product lifecycle development and is an experienced presenter on global supply chain  diversification. His joint work with Wal-Mart China: Sustainable Operations Strategy was published by Richard Ivey School of Business and is still taught in global MBAs.