How to Launch the Next Viral Product on Amazon

How to Launch the Next Viral Product on Amazon

Join experts in this virtual session on how to launch a successful product on Amazon

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About the Webinar

What does it take to launch the next viral product on Amazon? 

In this webinar, we will dive into the factors that can make or break your your product in Amazon.  As a starting point, we will examine products that gained popularity in 2021. Then dissect what did they have that made them successful and how you can leverage that in your business.  

Learn how to determine the RIGHT product. Steven Blustein will discuss how to find a winning product – he will give you never-before-seen information on the product research process. 

Then learn about how to MARKET it successfully to set that product up for success – Andrew Laird, expert in advertising on Amazon and founder of multi-million dollar brands on Amazon, will share top launch advertising techniques.

What will be the next hits for 2022 and 2023? Join us as we give our perspective on what products we think will be successful… and why. This is sure to give advanced Amazon Sellers a competitive edge. 

Learn more about:

  • What previous data from Amazon can teach us about which products are going to be successful
  • Which products are most likely to trend in 2022-23
  • What to expect with your advertising campaigns on Amazon when you’re launching a new product


Co-founder and Head of Sales and Partnerships at Gembah

Steven Blustein

Steven Blustein is a co-founder of Gembah, a company that streamlines the logistics of product creation, from start to finish. Using a global network of designers, engineers, and factories; Gembah ensures that creators receive expert-level production and avoid common pitfalls. Steven knows all too well how challenging it is to launch a product; having done so with the pet product company, PrideBites, where he received funding offers from 2 sharks on Shark Tank in 2016. Serving as one of Gembah’s experts, Steven provides his knowledge in: foreign manufacturing, overseas marketing, product development, fundraising, and supply chain strategy.

Senior Account Manager, Mayan & Founder of LASO

Andrew Laird

Andrew Laird is a Senior Account Manager at Mayan as well as the founder of LASO Technologies, which creates innovative products for underwater use. He has product design, development, and manufacturing experience and has launched dozens of products under three brands. Andrew is an expert advertiser for e-commerce brands and has consistently provided impressive ROI for both his products and customers of Mayan. He and his wife, Sophia, are passionate about ocean conservation, underwater photography, and helping others enjoy the beauty and understand the fragility of the underwater world. He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Vermont with a minor in Math.