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Finding the right cookware suppliers can be challenging, but our network of trusted experts brings the connections you need closer than ever. It’s a proven process that delivers proven results.

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How Gembah can help you find & source private label kitchen supplies.

Our network simplifies your search for the right sourcing options. With their years of experience, they can walk you through the process of creating cookware products with exceptional design and function.

Your personal experts.

Connect with industry veterans who have already launched successful cookware products.

Get complete support.

With our experts backing you up, it’s easier to reach your goals and get where you want to go.

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You can look for new cookware to develop with the assistance of our proven network.

The hassle-free way to find top manufacturers.

We’ll connect you with a network of manufacturers that have the scale and strategies to bring your cookware vision to life.

Partner with great factories.

Our network offers hundreds of options so that you can identify an optimal match for your unique needs.

Ensure excellent quality.

You can trust that manufacturing standards will be upheld and that your private label cookware is high quality.

Experience proven results.

Thanks to a streamlined process, you can stick to your timelines and get exceptional products.

One platform. Total control.

You’ll get access to the full suite of project management tools in our platform. It’s the best way to keep the process on track and make sure you have the insights you need.

Assess your manufacturing process.

Our transparent and collaborative process makes it easier to stay on top of each milestone.

Find faster solutions.

You can navigate challenges more effectively with our platform’s convenient communication channels.

Keep your intellectual property safe.

Our experts help you use NDAs and non-compete clauses to confirm that your cookware remains distinct in the market.

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Frequently asked questions.

What are private label products?

A private label product is produced by a company to be sold exclusively under its brand name. An external manufacturer might be involved in the process, but the company controls everything from the product’s specifications to the quality standards. They then sell the product to consumers.

What’s the difference between private label & white label products?

Private label products are exclusive to a certain company that has oversight on the specifications and quality during the manufacturing process, then sells this product directly to end consumers. White label products, on the other hand, have no logos and aren’t exclusive to a single brand. This anonymity allows a manufacturer to sell identical products to multiple companies.

Why should you use private labels?

Private label products give you an undeniable edge because no competitors can sell identical products. This means you’re in control of the manufacturing process, allowing you to build brand loyalty through quality, customization, and a consistent customer experience.

Can private label products reduce unit costs?

While white label products are often less expensive to manufacture, their generic presence in the marketplace limits how much money you can make on the back end. A private label product can still be manufactured at an affordable cost and offers the potential for much better profitability because you can charge higher prices and enjoy higher margins.

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