Don’t Skip These Steps in Product Development | E-Comm Elevated

October 11, 2022

No matter how easy it might seem, running a business is a lot of hard work. This workload is often too much for one person or even one team, resulting in some aspects of the business being overlooked. One of these aspects is often product development. Even minor mistakes in product development can have a substantial negative impact on a business. For this reason, entrepreneurs should know when and whom to ask for help when it comes to product development.

In this podcast, Zack Leonard is the founder and president of Gembah will share some advice on the subject. Zack has worked for major corporations such as Instacart and Dropoff before deciding to change his career path four years ago. Today, his mission is to help businesses that seek to research, design, or manufacture a product. Tune in to find out more about how to approach the manufacturing process, and listen to his great advice for fellow entrepreneurs!

What you will Hear in Today’s Show:

  • Zack’s background and motivations for starting Gembah
  • What Gembah does for its clients
  • The most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the manufacturing process
  • The importance of vetting your manufacturers
  • Forecasting as the paramount aspect of doing business
  • Key points to consider when taking on additional staff
  • Zack’s tip for entrepreneurs: hypothesize, test, analyze, and repeat