Marknology is a full-service agency for brands and manufacturers on the Amazon marketplace with a proven selling system for launching products on all eCommerce platforms with remarkable results. We’ve managed over 200 Million in sales on Amazon alone. If you’re looking to elevate your eCommerce game–whether on Amazon, Shopify, or a custom marketplace–you’ve come to the right place.

As an experienced Amazon full-service agency, we have helped scale and boost more than 300 brands worldwide with remarkable results since our inception in 2014. As proof of our expertise and outstanding results in the platform, we achieved the official partner status on the Amazon Ads Network this year.

That is why our multidisciplinary team of experts is ready to take on whatever challenge your clients might be facing to help them stand out from the crowded market of Amazon. We are currently working with 40 clients of different business sizes and are eager to help even more brands!

We are a group of Amazon experts with more than 20.000 combined hours of experience on the platform. For nine years, we have helped different businesses navigate the Amazon marketplace, overcoming the multiple challenges the platform has brought to all sellers trying to build a strong brand presence on the platform.

We have built over years of experience, the knowledge of what works on the platform, and the decisive factors that make a brand succeed when competing with thousands of sellers in the same category. Our team at Marknology focuses specifically on the Amazon marketplace as we recognize it is a complete and unique ecosystem different from other marketplaces.

The leverage we bring is years of experience and a whole group of Amazon-focused experts. If you hire Marknology, you are not just hiring a single person. But instead, you are hiring a whole multidisciplinary team of professionals that know what it takes to unlock the power of eCommerce for your client’s brands.

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