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Looking to lower cost and reduce risk? Have you ever wondered if your product can be manufactured better, faster and/or cheaper with someone outside of your current manufacturing partner?

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Let’s not sugar coat it – the last 4 years in the supply chain world has been nuts. We’ve had tariff increases, an ecommerce boom, hyperbolic increases in logistics costs, and now all of that is coming to a halt as we enter what some experts are calling a global recession. Kudos to you for your continued efforts on making it out of that whirlwind alive. As we move into the back half of 2022, now is the time to start assessing all aspects of your supply chain, ensuring you can have a successful Holiday Season and start 2023 on the right foot. Part of that assessment is to make sure you have all your bases covered for both cost control and scale. 

At Gembah, we help consumer goods companies, e-commerce and retail sellers, as well as entrepreneurs create and bring high-value products to market all the time. Manufacturing is just one part of that process, but it is a critical step that every product depends on. Finding the right manufacturer for your product isn’t as easy as a web search. China has a leg up on the other manufacturing regions, as sites like Alibaba have cataloged a vast majority of their country’s suppliers. In Countries like India, Vietnam and Mexico, the catalogs come from people who have local knowledge of the ecosystem or in person visits by you or someone on your team. Either way, it takes a rigorous amount of vetting, compliance checks and ultimately trust to be confident in a new manufacturing partner.

Regardless of where you manufacture your goods, being dependent on one manufacturer for all of your products and components is risky. As an owner or operator of a Consumer Goods company, it’s important to always have a “Plan B” in case things go wrong. Whether it’s long shipping lines at the ports, a Global Recession or just a regular inventory stock out, having multiple suppliers in multiple regions will help you mitigate all of the possible “what if” scenarios to help you check that box off of “Is my supply chain stable”. 

Our experts can help you:

  • How to develop a resilient and scalable supply chain strategy
  • Where to find the best regions to manufacture your products
  • Discover how you can find increased security in an increasingly uncertain supply chain world

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