MUDWTR: Your New Morning Ritual

MUDWTR: Your New Morning Ritual

Up Close with Manufacturing

MUDWTR creates products, content, and experiences that improve how humans rise and rest. Their first product, MUDWTR :rise, provides drinkers with a better way to wake up. It’s an earthy blend of mushrooms, Ayurvedic herbs, adaptogens, and cacao designed to provide natural energy, focus, and immune support without the jitters or crash of coffee.

In the same spirit that led them to create better mornings for their users, they asked their packaging manufacturers for more information about production and shipping. They wanted to know what was going on behind the manufacturing curtain and procure directly from the source. They reached out to Gembah to support their team in this quest.

MUDWTR and Gembah

Transparency in production

When MUDWTR initially reached out to Gembah, they wanted to learn more about the packaging manufacturing process, to understand exactly what was going on, and to make informed decisions about where their packaging was coming from and who was making it.

Thanks to Gembah’s relationship with its partners around the world, Gembah helped MUDWTR establish and manage relationships with factories and bring transparency to the entire process, from material sourcing to shipping.

Gembah’s contacts inside the factories provided insight into the market and what affected orders, helping navigate foreign challenges and find cost savings. The factories Gembah connected MUDWTR with met all the necessary certification and regulatory requirements. The open communication of the factory partners and contacts within the factories also gave MUDWTR the transparency and flexibility they needed.

MUDWTR and Gembah

Expanding the project

The successful packaging project led MUDWTR to come to Gembah with another problem. They needed to redesign an accessory item and were looking for a company with the expertise to start with a sketch, design the product, and take it from manufacturing to shelves, all while staying within predetermined cost parameters.

Gembah’s design team took the project head-on, helping MUDWTR add user-friendly features to the accessory item. With the new frother design, MUDWTR could establish new factory relationships, realizing cost savings and regaining control over manufacturing. Gembah also helped them through the patent process and guided the product all the way from idea to factory production.

MUDWTR and Gembah

A rewarding partnership

Gembah and MUDWTR’s successful collaboration continues with more projects in the works. Gembah’s expertise and network gave MUDWTR the ability to take their projects to the next level with a more informed, transparent process, giving them more control over their entire operation.

Success Story

From a Creator

“We’ve been able to establish connections with manufacturers that we wouldn’t have been able to with our current team. Project management is important, and it’s been nice to see Gembah lean into that, and hire some very talented project managers to keep everyone on schedule. We view Gembah as an extension of our team to identify, design, and secure manufacturing partners.”

— Emma Nelson, MUD\WTR Vice President of Operations