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How to
Manufacture Eyewear

In 2018, the value of the industry was at approximately 131 billion dollars in the United States. This figure will hit 210.8 billion dollars by 2025, indicating that increased screen time will lead to substantial growth in the years ahead.

4 Steps to Manufacture Eyewear with Gembah:

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Step 2 Read our Manufacture Eyewear articles

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How To Manufacture Eyewear

Due to the amount of time people spend in front of computers, half of the world’s population will need glasses by 2050. Currently, 75% of adults have some sort of...

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Market Researcher

Eric Howard

Brand Development, Ecommerce (Sold over $6M on Amazon & Shopify)

Eric launched his first private label brand in 2016 and sold it a year later to a private merchandising company. Since then, he has launched multiple brands generating a combined...

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Supply Chain Manager


Multidimensional Supply Chain Executive

Michael Kienitz was named YETI’s Head of Operations in July of 2018 and promoted to Senior Vice President in February 2020. At YETI, Michael led an operational transformation that significantly...

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Fundraising, Market Researcher, Supply Chain Manager

Steven Blustein

Entrepreneur & Innovator

Steven Blustein is an entrepreneur/innovator extraordinaire and the Co-Founder of both Gembah Inc and PrideBites Pet Products. He is an expert in product development and supply chain strategy. Over his...

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