Living in the age of globalized manufacturing, you have access to unprecedented opportunities to make a new product at the price, quality, and scale you need. Unfortunately, the path to making your product is teeming with pitfalls.

good news

You have a lot of factory options in China and elsewhere.

Bad News

It’s extremely difficult to find good ones, let alone the ideal factory for your production.

Alibaba is a black hole: you can put lots of time and energy into it, but nothing’s coming back out. Sourcing agents often turn out to be double agents, working in secret with the factory rather than devoting their efforts to making your product a success.

Gembah is a true partner in the manufacturing of your product. Not only do we have a vast, global network of verified factories to work with, but we stay by your side every step of the way. Our job isn’t done until the product you dreamed of is in your hands.

Start Sourcing

Start with The
Upper Hand

Every sourcing agent and factory on Alibaba knows you wouldn’t be using them if you knew what you were doing. They tend to take advantage of that. When you enter the world of manufacturing looking like a newbie, you get treated like a sucker.

To work with the finest factories and get fair pricing, you need to appear professional. To do that, you need a true ally. That’s where we come in.

No matter where your product is being made, we have the local knowledge and production experience to pinpoint the right factory and negotiate from a position of strength. We are established, with entities across the globe. Factories know that we know our stuff. They understand they have to treat our clients right if they want to keep doing business with us.

Even if this is your first product–even if you are only producing a small quantity–you become as valuable to the factory as a much bigger company.

A Big, Exclusive

So you have the upper hand, now how do we actually source the right factory in China? Right now we have a reliable selection of producers ready to take your order. Still, we need to be selective.

To allow you to make anything, we had to find a lot of factories, each specialized in just one area. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for a factory trying out a new product type for the first time.  We pick from a selection of manufacturers who’ve made products similar to yours and get samples from all of them. From there, we can weigh the quality of the samples with the costs provided and pick the right producer for the job.

The factories in our network have proven track records in quality, safety, compliance, and reliability. We have visited them ourselves, seen products come off the line, and examined their samples. We know exactly what they’re capable of, and will match you with the one most adept at making products like yours.

Find the Right Production Partner


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