A truly memorable promotional item is a rare thing indeed. How many branded beer koozies, tumblers, pens, note pads, keychains, mugs, and random phone attachments have you been given in your life? And how many end up in the garbage? To truly make your promotional items stand apart, create something no other brand can make.

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True Creative Freedom

You have an idea for a promotional product. It’s functional, memorable, and ties into your brand––definitely a keeper. Now a typical “custom” promotional product company will have you sort through an extensive catalogue of pre-made products they can slap a logo on. 

We, on the other hand, can design exactly what you had in mind and have it made.

These are just a few examples of custom promotional products can or have produced:

  • Plush toys based on characters or mascots
  • Action figures
  • Bookends
  • Tea/coffee infusers
  • Business card holders
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A Quick Example

A major medical association runs a yearly initiative to raise funds for their cause. None of the available promotional items matched their idea to help increase their output of sales. Our designer worked with their team to create a character plush toy that was too cute to leave behind. 

We organized the manufacturing and logistics, completing the project within a strict time frame. Ultimately, since they weren’t paying promo company markups, they saved nearly 20% compared to their efforts the previous year making something completely custom.

Make a Completely Custom Promo Product

A Big Promotion Is in Your Future

Defy the expectations of what a promotional product can be. Make a statement that’s entirely your own.

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