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When it comes to product creation, we work with new entrepreneurs, established microbrands, and mid-to-large companies. If you are an expert in engineering, product design, or similar fields, we want to hear from you. We look for experienced manufacturers and other partners to become a qualified part of our vetted and qualified product development process and network.


Gembah is all about breaking barriers! We work with all product creators, from solo inventors to large corporations. Going from idea to shelf is super exciting, but it’s no easy task. The experienced teams at Gembah understand what it takes to make a product, so we’ve developed a way to make it easier than ever. Take a look at how we help creators.

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Success Story

Success Story

“If we didn’t have Gembah…, we would have been on our own seeking out a design engineer and then the production. We wouldn’t have even known where to start.”

— Paulette and Tamara, Founders of Full Circle Ocean Gear


As an expert in the Gembah Marketplace, you have access to vetted leads and get connected to new creators faster than ever. We also research the market to ensure the creator’s product has market fit beforehand. We focus on all aspects of project management such as administration, client coordination, and budget so you can concentrate on the details of design and engineering. Are you ready to join?

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Success Story

Success Story

“As a corporate employed designer looking to expand my experience and knowledge-base, working with Gembah has given me opportunities to work on projects outside of what my day job would provide.”

— Ryan H, Gembah Expert


If you are a manufacturer with high standards and are ready to grow, Gembah’s Marketplace is where you need to be. Our platform connects you with qualified experts and managed projects from Creators so you, as a Manufacturer, can focus on the production side. You set parameters such as niche industries you serve or MOQs to match with creator projects. Excited about new opportunities for your company? We’re excited too!

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Amplify your growth and give creators the tools they need to launch, develop, or accelerate successful businesses. As a Gembah partner, you have access to our platform to drive leads, gain additional revenue, and collaborate on resources. You also receive considerable benefits, from partner support to marketing collaboration to referral opportunities. Get in touch with our partnerships managers to sign up today.

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Who is Gembah?

Getting a product from idea to shelf is no easy task. The experienced teams at Gembah understand what it takes to make a product, so we’ve developed a way to make it easier than ever.

We connect creators, experts, manufacturers, and other partners on our platform to take the product development process to the next level of efficiency and simplicity. Learn more about our story and our teams.

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