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Eric Howard

Brand Development, Ecommerce (Sold over $6M on Amazon & Shopify)

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Boca Raton, FL, USA

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Market Researcher



Eric launched his first private label brand in 2016 and sold it a year later to a private
merchandising company. Since then, he has launched multiple brands generating a
combined $6M across Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify.

After a successful IndieGogo campaign, he started working with Gembah to bring
custom products to the market. In addition, he helps clients develop and grow their own eCommerce private label brands on global marketplaces. Some key areas of focus are product and category research, overseeing P&L and cash flow, supply chain logistics, hiring, multi-channel marketing and profitability KPIs.

Whether building a new brand to sell off or adding to an existing portfolio, finding the right product is the most important and sometimes difficult aspect. Understanding the keyword opportunity and making sure it’s manufactured on budget are critical to a product’s success and lead to incredible growth opportunities.

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