What Is Lean Product Development? Guide for Entrepreneurs

Creating a new product is hard. That’s why some of the most successful companies in the world use lean product development to turn market needs and innovation into products that customers want. By reducing waste and increasing the efficient transfer of knowledge without stifling innovation, lean product development delivers better product performance, faster time to … Read more

Coronavirus & ECommerce

woman shopping in grocery store during coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to change our daily lives, we’re committed to bringing you a weekly roundup with stories about how it’s effecting eCommerce sellers around the world. Here are a few of the past week’s highlights: Visual Capitalist Takes a Look at Category Fluctuations The team from Visual Capitalist put together an interesting look … Read more

New Product Ideas: 4 Creative Ways to Brainstorm

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A driven entrepreneur is never satisfied with their product mix. Even if sales are great today, competition and trends are always evolving. This month’s cash cow can quickly become next month’s sales dud. The competition’s always thinking of new angles, how to improve existing products, or about new product ideas that haven’t been made.  The … Read more

Personal Protective Equipment: China Expands Production

cut and sew factories post mandate

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented rush on equipment to help medical professionals and individuals fight it and push toward recovery and a resolution. On April 1, the Chinese Government put out an expansive list that includes over 1,000 factories certified to export Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products. Personal protective equipment examples … Read more

How to Improve Product Innovation at Your Company

Even big companies struggle with innovation. Take, for example, Gerber’s 1970s attempt to penetrate the adult food market. Instead of developing a new line with a unique distribution strategy, the baby food brand re-labeled existing pureed products and placed them in a different aisle. Or, more recently, look to the flop of Pizza Hut’s ill-fated “Flavors of … Read more

5 Most Innovative Products of 2020

With CES 2020 wrapping up last week, there’s a lot to digest. We saw tons of innovative products in fitness tech, TVs, self-driving vehicles, and even basics like Bluetooth technology. CES is a spectacle that never fails to impress. While some products might be more realistic than others, the showcase can be a source of inspiration for … Read more

5 Questions to Ask When Vetting a Manufacturing Partner

A manufacturing partner can make or break your product’s success. It’s critical that entrepreneurs take the necessary steps to vet a manufacturing partner, even when working with a sourcing agent. Unfortunately, sourcing agents can take advantage of naive new business owners – and it’s important to educate yourself on some of the signs your production partners … Read more

How to Vet a Manufacturing Partner

It’s undeniably more affordable to outsource your product manufacturing to a factory in China or India. Discerning which factory is the best fit is relatively difficult for most entrepreneurs. Instead of learning how to vet a manufacturing partner, many people rely on a sourcing agent to help navigate the process. It’s easy enough to find … Read more

Clearbanc Offers Inventory Support for E-Commerce Brands


October to December represents a make or break quarter for e-commerce brands. But the ongoing negotiations with the US and China adds a layer of complexity for entrepreneurs in their busiest season, as many Chinese vendors now require inventory payments upfront. To help founders dealing with this changing vendor landscape, Clearbanc is launching an Inventory Protection … Read more